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  • Society name

    56th Annual Meeting of the Japanese eye optical Society General Meeting ~ FOCUS 2020 ~ WEB held


  • Session

Saturday, September 5th to Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020


  • President

Takushi Kawamorita (Department of Orthoptics and Visual Science, Kitasato University)


  • Sponsor

Kanagawa Ophthalmologists Association, Japan Society of Orthoptists


  • Program (planned)

Special Lecture, Invited Lecture, Symposium, Educational Seminar, Academic Paper Award / Encouragement Award Commemorative Lecture, General Lecture, Co-sponsored Seminar, Instrument Exhibition, Book Exhibition, Special Exhibition Planning


  • Meeting place

WEB venue

Participants who are planning to participate in Pacifico Yokohama and related parties will not be able to watch at the academic conference due to the change to WEB, so please refrain from visiting Pacifico Yokohama.

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